Finding the Right Architect for Your Home or Building Project

Finding an architect is an important part of any building endeavor.Ensuring you have the right expert to design your extension or loft conversion is vital. Your architect should know and fully understand all local building rules and regulations in effect. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money, no matter how great the design; you wouldn't want to risk getting in trouble with the law. Read more great facts on Remodeling San Mateo CA , click here.

So how do you find an architect you'll be happy to have towards the end of your project?

Do your research.

Get in touch with your local component of the American Institute of Architects. Plenty of local AIA components have a database of AIA-member firms and their different architectural specialties. This is a smart way to know the different architects operating in your area before actually establishing contact with them. Most such firms, including even the small ones, have websites where you can explore images of their different works.

Check credentials.

Even if architects in the United States are not obliged to be members of the AIA, you should know which ones are in your area. Membership in the AIA indicates that the architect follows the stringent AIA Code of Ethics, meets the AIA's rigorous continuing education requirements, can use a range of professional and technical resources, and is devoted to the highest standards of practice and service. For more useful reference regarding Residential Architecture San Mateo CA , have a peek here.

Be guided by the following tips:

> Ask local builders and tradesmen if they have worked with any good architects before.

> List down at least two to three architects and let them come over to meet you - at no cost to you initially - so you can talk about your plans.

> Be sure they have substantial experience, especially in the type of project you plan to work on. Ask what their approval rates are for submissions.

> Consult with local building control surveyors. Have them prepare and sign a document acknowledging they are fully aware of local planning permission and building regulations or standards.

> Tell the architect what your budget is and whether it includes additional features, such as a kitchen or a bathroom suite.

> Determine what services you can expect the architect to supply.

> Will they they be responsible for securing approval for planning and building regulations? If changes to the design will require approval, do you need to pay an extra fee and how much?

> Be sure to hire an architect who has professional indemnity insurance.

> Ensure that your chosen architect fully understands every single detail of your project.

> Sign a written contract with your architect, agreeing to all the payment terms and conditions indicated in return for the professional services to be rendered.

Finding a good architect doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen if you are diligent and patient enough.